Versatile in both stills & film

Are you looking for stills, moving images or a set of eyes in the sky?

About me

I am a photographer and filmmaker born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium working worldwide who specialises in photographing architecture, art, high-tech,… Well, actually everything technical and technological.

I have a broad interest and always love a good story.

After studying graphic design and photography at KdG and at the University of Wales -yep all still analogue in those days-, I gained digital workflow knowledge by working for over 10 years for various studios from automotive over food, jewellery and pack shots.
Feeling the constant urge to keep learning new things filmmaking came naturally. From (aerial) camerawork over audio, editing, grading and mixing.

Proud of being a Phase One Certified Professional photographer for many years and knowing the in- and outside of this ecosystem.

I am holding an EASA A2 CofC license to operate drones (up to 150kgs) in Europe
and have flown them in various countries in the South Pacific.

Phase One Certified Professional | EASA A2 CofC | BeSaCC VCA

I am available for collaborations worldwide.

Why working with me?

I am an easy going, technically and open minded guy. The officer’s knife on your tool belt.

I can work both independently as well as being a good team player who likes working meticulously in different departments with a hands-on mentality and good communication skills.

I like variety and a good work vibe!